Rainy Day Bike Riders

rainy viva callesj 5-2019

Viva CalleSJ May 19th 2019 in San Jose, CA



A rainy day


Never stops


Bike riders






Last Days of Spring

don edwards marsh


Winter rains and marsh wetlands



Makes the last reminder of spring


Harujuku Takeshita-Dori._downsized

Scanned from my black and white film print


Harajuku is the birthplace of kawaii culture. It’s where people wear clothing in bright and pastel colors and food is considered cool or cute. Harajuku is known for many crepe cafes and clothing apparel stores. One of central areas are Takeshita Street which has affordable fashion items, accessories, sneakers, and goods that are very popular with locals and international visitors. In addition, there is also hip hop community in Harajuku headed by Manhattan Records.