Our Weather

Alviso Slough Trail at the Don Edwards SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Alviso (San Jose) 1-2017

There were many rainy and gray days of January and February. It was good for our drought and agriculture but bad for flooding and landslides. Was it caused by global warming? Only the future will tell.

Summer Solstice Sunset


Sunrise 5:46 A.M. Sunset 8:30 P.M.

This is the time when more people stay outdoors

It is also the time of the warmest weather

Summer is just around the corner

Last Days of Spring

The warm days in spring causes green algae to grow in size. They like warm weather in order to grow and thrive. During the springtime you can see them in the pond. Once the hot days of summer arrive scenes like this will vanish.

Train of Dreams

A northbound and southbound train passes in both directions on a single track. This is a common occurrence on these tracks. It’s the same trains but with different passengers. But for the sightseers it’s a delight watching them pass by.